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Continuing to serve your needs during this Covid-19 outbreak

April 04, 2020

Foundation Medicine Communication by June Hng on behalf of Jek Fong, Personalized Healthcare Director

Dear valued Doctors,

With the escalating severity of the Covid-19 outbreak globally, we wanted to reach out to assure you that we remain fully committed to serving the needs of you and your patients. Our thoughts and our hearts go to those who are affected by this outbreak. We appreciate the healthcare workers and all who are working relentlessly to combat this virus so that we can be safe.

Continuing to serve your needs

During this time when so many extra precautionary measures have been put in place, we continue working with doctors and healthcare workers to process samples and provide important genomic testing information to help inform treatment planning in a safe and efficient manner to cancer patients globally, as well as continue ongoing clinical trials.

We always strive our best to bring you the Foundation Medicine report as soon as we can. However due to the reduced flights passenger and cargo flights from Singapore to Boston, it might take an extra one to two days for you to receive the Foundation Medicine report. The situation is being monitored closely, and we will update you again on the turnaround time for the reporting.

Keeping you safe

Our priority is to ensure that you continue to stay safe and healthy. At all our offices globally, and our Foundation Medicine lab in Boston, we have implemented precautionary measures including:

  • Restricted access to our primary lab operations buildings
  • Additional cleaning procedures and establishing a work from home requirement for all employees not essential for lab operations
  • Cancelled or postponed all large meetings/gatherings
  • Issued strict guidance on business-related travel 

Caring for our community

As we navigate through this challenging period, it is important for us to appreciate our healthcare workers and take care of the needy individuals in our community. Therefore, with the feedback from the doctors, we have also extended the FOC upfront testing program. We hope that you have found upfront comprehensive genomic profiling to be insightful and valuable to your patient's treatment plan right upon diagnosis.

These are unsettling times, but we are committed in supporting our customers, our people and our communities. We are always here for you and will continue to update you with further information as needed. 

We wish that you continue to stay safe, healthy and strong. Please look after yourself, your loved ones and look out for each other.

Hope to meet and greet you in person real soon! SG united, together we can overcome!


Best regards,

June Hng on behalf of

Jek Fong

Personalized Healthcare Director